GS-80 Fast Set Double Spill (600 mg) Alloy



Economical, High Strength Admix Amalgam

The technically advanced, non-gamma 2 admix amalgam at an affordable price. GS-80’s high strength and positive dimensional change ensures longevity and patient satisfaction.

Optimal handling characteristics: GS-80’s consistent mix, ease of loading, placement in preparations, condensability, burnishability, quality of interproximal contact, carvability, and setting characteristics ensure the final resotartions meet the needs of the operator.

High compressive strength: GS-80’s high compressive strength minimizes the risk of fracturing the restoration. High compressive strength ensures a tough and durable long lasting restoration.

Positive dimensional change: GS-80’s positive dimensional change ensures excellent sealing qualities at the margins. Negative values can contribute to post operative sensitivity.

Pick up and Condensing Time: Regular Set 4:30  Fast Set: 3:30

Carving Time: Regular Set 5:30 Fast Set: 5:30


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